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Mount Consultancy

We are a daring, young consultancy company in the field of spatial planning and environmental issues. We can help you answer all your questions about land-use plans, planning permission, environmental and other permits, as well as regarding the Dutch Nature Conservation Act. The focus of most of our work is in the countryside and rural environment: housing, work, farming, recreation or other societal issues. We’re passionate about finding a solution to every spatial issue, even when all the legislation and regulations make it seem impossible.

Our services

“Achieve more with the right preparation”

Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

Specialised in

  • Process management
  • Local development planning / land use
  • Location and policy options
  • Extensive local environment procedures
  • Spatial policy for horse husbandry
  • Environmental and conservation legislation for the equestrian sector

5 reasons to choose Mount

  • A consultant who understands how government bodies work
  • Who excels in their preparation (the most important step)
  • Manages the process from A to Z
  • Always aims for the highest feasible result
  • Speaks the language of the equestrian sector

For a while now, we’ve been looking for a property where we can keep and train horses. This has been a difficult search with many complications. Fortunately, we could call Feije at Mount Consultancy and ask any questions we had about all those complicated

The Vullers family, Budel

We approached Feije for help getting planning permission for a second driveway and a fenced outdoor arena. She communicated with us clearly and well. She also provides clear, honest advice. And, most importantly, the result was also exactly what we wanted

Dressage Stables Verhulst, Sterksel

Feije is very helpful and responsive to all our questions and concerns. She provides an excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to every detail. Her quick response to our questions makes working with her a very pleasant exp

Riossa Stables, Stramproy

We can’t deny that we live in a country with far too many rules and laws. Not only that, but we have far too many authorities checking up on you. It feels like some of them in Building and Housing, particularly those responsible for the agricultural/count

Abel J.L. Slippens, Erp

I came into contact with Feije some time ago through an external party. As we immediately felt able to put our all our trust in Feije, we transferred to Mount Consultancy. Mount is supporting our change of land use application during the purchase of our h

Kristy en Rens - Peters Grondwerken (excavation services), Schijndel

We have known Feije from Mount Consultancy for a long time through our mutual hobby/passion: horses. When we bought our house in Valkenswaard last year, she helped us with several projects. We had no idea there was so much involved. Feije researched all t

V.O.F. Hoefsmederij Houkes (blacksmith), Valkenswaard

Mount Consultancy has extensive experience in permit procedures in the equestrian sector and Feije’s customer-friendly approach makes her ideal for managing the process with the municipality

Stal Heijligers (stables), Asten

Do you have any questions? I'm happy to help.

Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

Spatial planning consultant | Countryside | Horse husbandry | Environment