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At Mount Consultancy, spatial planning and environmental legislation and regulations are our business, with a specialisation in the equestrian sector. You don’t need to explain to us why you need accommodation for a groom, or why you need a new outdoor arena. We speak the language of entrepreneurs in this sector, and that makes life easier for you, as our client. Feije has many years of experience working in local government, so she also speaks the language of the municipalities, which has a positive impact on the process.


Specialised in the equestrian sector

Horse-related policy is not very streamlined. So, every case involves searching for how each municipality has decided to approach this, and if they have written any policy down at all. And this is without even mentioning provincial policy, because the concept of ‘equestrian sector’ does not even arise there. Bearing this mind, how can you assess whether something is acceptable according to municipal and provincial rules? Even though that is our job, which we really enjoy, we understand that policy and regulations seem complicated to many entrepreneurs. We understand completely that this makes many lose heart before their plans have even started.

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Complete package

Mount Consultancy supports your project from A to Z. Our approach covers the entire process, so that we leave no loose ends. We can often bring the project to a satisfactory conclusion and achieve something we didn’t believe possible before we started. Mount Consultancy can provide the services listed below, and many more:

  • Change of use to equestrian sector business
  • New building or move to new premises
  • Enlarging a building
  • Expanding riding stables / equestrian centre
  • Planning permission for installing an outdoor arena
  • Environmental permits for the equestrian sector
  • Nature Conservation Act permit
  • Permits for competitions or events
  • Building a company residence
  • Building accommodation for interns, grooms and/or guest accommodation
  • Diversification activities such as care, recreation or catering
  • Building a field shelter
  • Installing outdoor arena lighting

This is simply a summary of some of the many things we can do for you. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

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Services to government bodies

Mount Consultancy is also the right partner for government bodies looking for consultancy services related to the equestrian sector. Our ten years’ experience in policy, spatial development strategies, land-use plans and project management (housing development and local development) means Mount Consultancy is knowledgeable about the relevant processes, legislation and regulations. We have a great affinity with the countryside, focussing on the equestrian sector. Click below for more information.


Paddock paradise

Most horse owners that have traditional stables think of paddock paradise as an alternative way of keeping horses. Although they might be right, this new way of keeping horses is on the rise. Years ago, nobody had a normal sand paddock and nowadays we can't live without them. We are looking at paddock paradises as the next step. A paddock paradise (equihabitat, horse garden, or whatever you may call it) could be an enrichment of your location and business. Especially because horses that stand in small paddocks almost don't move. In a paddock paradise you are challenging horses to move, which fits better with their natural needs. Apart from the benefits for your horse, it is also a good way to keep your land dry and it adds to biodiversity. Something that is becoming more important when applying for permits. A paddock paradise is more than just a pathway around your meadow and not only suitable for groups. Curious what we could do for you?

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Nature Conservation Act and the equestrian sector

It’s not only when you have new plans that you face dealing with legislation and regulations. This can also happen with your existing situation. The Nature Conservation Act, for example. Many in the equestrian sector do not yet have a permit for this. Without a permit, you can receive a hefty fine. Anyone who initially thought they didn’t need a permit, probably does need one now. This means that horse owners need to look into if they need the permit, and if they are allowed to apply for one. Mount Consultancy is here to help you with this.

If you have any questions related to the equestrian sector, feel free to contact us

Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

Do you have any questions? I'm happy to help.

Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

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