Process management

Most businesses or private individuals are not at all interested in all those complicated policies and procedures. At Mount Consultancy, we understand this completely. If you ask for our help, we will take everything out of your hands, so there’s no need for you to worry: Mount will organise whatever’s needed on your behalf.


Finding the grey areas

To be honest, we don’t like all those strict rules, either. That might seem odd, considering that our profession revolves around rules. But this means we keep searching until we’ve found a solution. Some people prefer everything to be black and white, but at Mount Consultancy, we know from experience that grey can be better.

Taking the pressure off

In theory, anyone can submit an application and apply for a permit. But do you really know what you’re getting yourself into, and what you need? Mount Consultancy is completely at home in these matters, and provides an excellent service to its clients by taking the pressure off them. And we don’t stop after the local area scan or the preliminary planning application. Mount Consultancy will support you every step of the way throughout the planning process. Until you can implement your plans, or until we have found a solution for your problem.

Why use process management?

  • Mount’s specialist knowledge of spatial procedures
  • You can achieve more with good preparation
  • We know our way through the maze of rules and regulations
  • Procedures take a long time; we keep things moving!
  • We don’t give up if the first answer is ‘no’
  • We take care of everything for you
  • You can focus on your real work

Both sides of the story

Our experience in the municipality’s approach and in the role of consultant means that Mount Consultancy understands both sides of the story. We know exactly how municipalities work, and how their processes work. We know which files are picked up off the desk to be dealt with first. What’s more, we’ve built up a good relationship with several different municipalities. We are keen to use our experience to help you, just as we have successfully been able to help many other businesses.

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Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

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Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

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