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Feije van Eijndhoven

Feije van Eijndhoven is the Mount consultant who will climb mountains for you. We chose our name with care: Mount doesn’t only refer to climbing mountains, even though - as the saying goes, no mountain is too high - but it’s also a word for a horse. And ‘to mount’ means to get on to a horse. It might sound very ambiguous, but once you get to know us, you’ll get used to that. After all, a path is rarely straight, and has many branches, as you can see in our logo, which includes a horse’s head to represent our love of horses, a literal mountain, a leaf with two sides and our excellent antennae, sussing out the way ahead.


City girl

Born and bred in the city of Eindhoven with no connection to farming, Feije really wanted to become a vet. From an early age, she loved to draw all sorts of designs for riding schools, with stables and a swimming pool, and then build them with LEGO and Playmobil. She went on to study at a Technical University of Applied Sciences (HTS).

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Vision for rural areas

With every assignment, Feije always got into trouble because she put in too much greenspace. She didn’t want to switch to landscape architecture, however, because she found urban planning far more challenging and felt it had a far broader range of topics. These included legal aspects, development, plant choices and PR.

Government employee

While she was still a student, Feije was given the opportunity to work in spatial planning for the local government, where she had plenty of opportunity to develop personally. None of her plans or her wish to grow were too much for the local authority. This opportunity proved to be a good foundation and a great learning experience. However, after ten years, it was time for a new challenge and Feije moved into consultancy. After several years working for other companies, she decided it was time to start her own business.


Passion for the outdoor life

Feije was four, when she saw a horse for the first time. Eventually her parents gave in and let her take riding lessons. From a young age, her love of large animals was clear. Her wonderful husband is also mad about horses, so they share the hobby. And Feije knows all about chasing your dreams. That’s why she’s keen to help other lovers of the outdoors make their dreams come true.

Our services
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Guido Smies – Backoffice

Guido is a quiet but hard worker behind the scenes of Mount advies. In the background he makes sure that all our administration is correct and filled in on time. He’s also the editorial chief of all the pieces we write. Besides reading and checking things such as zoning plans and consults, Guido is learning more about spatial planning. This will help him expand his knowledge and give him the opportunity to get more tasks, such as laying the foundation for preliminary planning applications and discuss zoning plans. Besides working, Guido is an active person who likes to ride a horse, motor or mountain bike and loves to goes for a walk with his dog. All of this preferably in the mountains.


Sabine Timman – Content Creator

Sabine has been involved with Mount advies from day one. She makes sure that the complicated topics of our profession and our services on our website and social media are understandable for everyone in a fun and easy way. When you read an interesting article, you can be sure that it comes from Sabine’s mind and writing. She is also the one that is responsible for our blogs. She knows everything about SEO and she is very experienced in writing about topics that are currently hot in a nice and easy voice. Besides writing, she is also a great photographer and most pictures on our website and socials are taken by her. Last but not least, Sabines knows exactly what is happening in the equestrian sector.


Margot Ent – Virtual Assistant

Margot is the sidekick of our adviser Feije, she assists Feije in her daily tasks. She has years of experience as an executive secretary and with her help the office runs smoothly and efficiently. Because of this we got more free time to focus on our clients and deliver quality advise, as this is what we stand for. Are you a new client? Margot will be your first point of contact. Do you have any questions about an invoice or payment? Margot is there to help.


Do you have any questions? I'm happy to help.

Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

Feije Smies - van Eijndhoven

Spatial planning consultant | Countryside | Horse husbandry | Environment